This is your basic turret that can shoot at zombies. Nothing special about it really. Note: Bloaters, Devastators and their Skeleton hordes, and bosses WILL occasionally seek turrets and attack them. A new enemy, a Suicide Zombie, can also attack turrets if they explode next to one.

The UpgradesEdit

Path 1Edit

  • Vickers MK2 ($225 in-game cash), The bigger half inch vickers delivers more damage over slightly more range.
  • Intelligent Robotics Auto Turret ($600), Purpose Built dual .50 cal weapon system.
  • Area Denial Weapon System ($1500), Multi-barrel High-speed enemy supression turret.
  • Zeus Exclusion Zone 4X ($3500), 4 independently firing high- speed mini guns.
  • Thundercat Gigashot ($25000, Must unlock for 500 SAS dollars first.) 1000 rotating barrels allow the gigashot to achieve a fire rate of over 1 million rounds per minute.

Path 2Edit

  • Advanced Optics ($150), multiple sensor arrays extend efective range
  • Heavy Barrel ($200), custom venting and recoil comp boost damage and range
  • Armour ($500): Tripod mounted cradle doudles longevity.
  • Self Repair ($1500): Your tax dollars at work as milittary grade nanites.