One of the 5 towers in the game, these soldiers will be useful if placed on high ground so zombies can't get to them normally. Initially using an MP5 ,they can receive upgrades that increase their damage, range, fire rate, and health.

The Upgrades:

Path 1:Edit

MP5/10 ($300 in-game cash):10mm version shoots further and hits harder.

SCAR-H ($750): Special Forces Assault Rifle heavy variant provides crowd control capability to a single well-positioned soldier.

M60 ($1500): Belt fed 7.62 machine gun increases damage and range.

Browning ($3000): Freehand .50 caliber heavy machine gun eviscerates zombies and looks commando doing it.

M41-A Grendel ($14000, must unlock first for 300 SAS dollars.): 12.7mm full auto caseless destructive savagery.

Path 2:Edit

Stopping power ($250 in-game cash): fast burn propellant hits harder and does more damage

Steady Aim ($250): ported barrels and muzzle brakes increase effective range

Juggernaut ($500): Prototype exoframe nearly doubles direct contact survivability.

Stimpack ($1500): Adrenaline and painkillers effectively make damage disappear over time.